Terms of use (Vein & Pintsel OÜ website and e-shop): website and e-shop manager: Vein & Pintsel OÜ

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1) Terms used

Customer – Person who is / has been on the webpage of and / or buys the services sold by online store?
Terms of Use – Requirements related to the use of the E-Shop / Website and requirements made through the Website.
Services – Service (Services) sold by e-shop. (Vein & Pintsel OÜ) – A legal entity that sells Products or a Service on e-shop / website.
Sales transaction – an agreement concluded between the Customer and via the e-shop / website on the purchase of the Service.

2) General terms for ordering
  1. The Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relationships between the persons and the owner of the shopping environment (hereinafter referred to as e-shop) (Vein & Pintsel OÜ) (hereinafter referred to as
  2.  In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of services via the online store are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  3. is justified by the development of the e-store and in the interest of better and safer use of the e-shop, to amend and supplement these terms and conditions. recommends that the terms of use be reviewed from time to time in order to be familiar with the current terms of use. All transactions are subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time they are made. Changes and amendments to the Terms and Conditions and Price List shall take effect upon the publication of the corresponding amendment or supplement on the Internet site If you submitted your order prior to the entry into force of the terms and conditions, the legal relationship between you and shall be governed by the terms and conditions in force at the time of the order, unless otherwise provided by law or these terms and conditions.
3) Price Information and Payment Method
  1. Vein & Pintsel OÜ on käibemaksukohuslane (KMKR nr EE102100730). Kõik veebipoes toodud teenuste hinnad on eurodes ja sisaldavad käibemaksu 22%.
  2. The web shop reserves the right to make changes in sales prices. These changes are posted on the website
  3. It is possible to pay for the service via Swedbank's bank link or by transfer to Vein & Pintsel OÜ's bank account (Swedbank, IBAN EE612200221069992213). The due date for the invoice is 4 calendar days from the date of placing the order.
  4. Vein & Pintsel OÜ is the chief processor of personal data, Vein & Pintsel OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the payment processor Montonio Finance UAB.
4) Ordering Services

Description of the purchase process:

  1. Pre-registration on is required. You can also register when you call our studio.
  2. The Subscriber selects the desired Service (s) and determines the amount of each Service.
  3. When the Service (s) is selected, the Customer moves on to the Cart. The Customer chooses the method of payment for the Services and confirms that he / she has read the Terms of Use.
  4. The subscriber confirms the order by clicking on the button 'REGISTRATION' and makes a payment through the selected bank.
  5. After the payment has been made, you have to press the button "Back to the merchant", otherwise the order will not be delivered.
  6. Check your email to get a confirmation of the registered class.
  7. Kõik e-poes näidatud Teenuste hinnad on eurodes ning sisaldavad käibemaksu 22%.
  8. It is possible to pay for the order confirmed by the customer at via the internet bank link or by credit card (VISA or Mastercard).
  9. The order is formalized with 100% prepayment.
5) Use of Services
  1. The prices of the services are fixed in the price list, which is visible to the Client when ordering.
  2. In case the Service is not possible, Wine Wine has the right to cancel classes in unforeseen circumstances and / or low registration events. Refunds are processed within 14 calendar days.
  3. In case the event is canceled then is obliged to inform the Client immediately about the possible cancellation by sending a contact phone or e-mail to the order within 2 working days after the order comes into force. If the Customer agrees, the wine brush will continue to execute the new Order.
  4. The Customer has the right to cancel his / her order (see section 6 for details) and the amount paid by the Customer shall be returned to the Customer.
6) The right of the consumer to withdraw from the order
  1. The Subscriber has the right to withdraw from the Order from the moment of placing the order until the Service Day. In order to withdraw from the order, the Client must submit an application to in writing (Väike-Karja 12, Tallinn, 10140, Harjumaa) or via e-mail ( In the written notice of withdrawal from the order, the Customer shall indicate the bank account number and the name of the bank account holder to which the money to be returned is to be transferred. Refunds of cash will not be will return the amount paid for the order to the Client no later than within 14 calendar days as of the receipt of the notice of withdrawal.
    Withdrawal notice sent 48 hours or more - the customer gets the money back.
    Withdrawal notice sent 48 hours or less - customer receives studio credit.
    12 hours or less sent back - no refund / credit.
7) Subscriber rights and claims
  1. The Customer has the right to order the Services in the e-shop at the price set by and under the fixed conditions.
  2. The Service offered to the Customer must be correct and complete and comply with the terms and conditions fixed by The Subscriber has the right to file complaints regarding the services to VEINJAPINTSEL.EE.
    In the claim statement, the Contracting Authority shall indicate the following information:
    -Name and contact information
    -Date of appeal
    -Description of service defect and / or defect; Add photos if possible
    -If possible, the invoice number (which the Customer received with the goods)
  3. If replacement of the Service is not possible, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the sales transaction. undertakes to return the purchase price paid on the basis of the sale transaction within 14 calendar days after receiving a reasoned withdrawal application.
  4. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Order in accordance with Clause 5.
8) Obligations of the contracting authority
  1. The contracting authority is obliged to provide the data necessary for the execution of the order and to verify its correctness.
  2. In case the information provided by the Client is incorrect and / or incomplete, the order of the service of will not be guaranteed properly. Wherever possible, will contact the Customer to clarify faulty or incomplete data.
  3. When signing the order, the Client confirms that he agrees with the terms and conditions set out in the Terms of Use of e-shop and undertakes to comply with them.
  4. The Customer is obliged to pay for the Services and accept them in accordance with the procedure set forth in these Terms of Use.
  5. The Customer, who makes the purchase from the given e-store, undertakes to comply with these Terms of Use and other terms and conditions provided in the given e-shop and in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
9) obligations
  1. undertakes to deliver the correct and complete Service (s) to the Customer.
  2. undertakes to receive and document all claims of the Customer.
  3. undertakes to settle the Client's complaint within 15 calendar days if the reasons for the claim are not dependent on the Client. If the cause of the claim is caused by the Contracting Authority, the Customer shall immediately eliminate it. If you have any questions, please call from 9:00 to 15:00 on weekdays or email:
10) Protection of personal data
  1. What personal data is being processed
    - name, phone number and email address, address;
    - bank account number;
    - cost of services and payment data (purchase history);
    - Customer Support Data.
  2.  For what purpose is personal data processed
    Personal data is used to manage customer orders and deliver goods. Purchase history data (purchase date, merchandise, quantity, customer data) is used to compile a service overview and analyze customer preferences. The bank account number is used to return payments to the customer. Personal data such as e-mail, phone no, customer name are processed to address service issues (customer support). The web store user IP address or other network identifiers are processed as a web shop for providing information society services and for making web usage statistics.
  3. Legal basis
    The processing of personal data takes place for the purpose of performing a contract with the client.
    The processing of personal data takes place in order to fulfill a legal obligation (eg accounting and settlement of consumer disputes).
  4. Recipients to whom personal data are transmitted
    Personal data is transmitted to the online store's customer support to manage purchases and purchase history and resolve customer problems.
    If the online store accounts are provided by the service provider, the personal data is transferred to the service provider for accounting purposes.
    Personal data may be transferred to information technology service providers if this is necessary to ensure the functionality or hosting of the online store.
  5. Security and access to data
    Personal data shall be stored on servers located in the territory of a Member State of the European Union or the countries associated with the European Union.
    Data may be transferred to countries whose data protection level has been assessed by the European Commission as sufficient, and to US companies that are affiliated to the Privacy Shield framework.
    Access to personal data is a webshop for those who can access personal information in order to resolve technical issues related to the use of the online store and provide customer support services. The Web Store implements appropriate physical, organizational, and IT security measures to protect personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorized access and disclosure.
  6. Storage
    Personal data will be deleted when you close an online store customer account, unless such records need to be stored for accounting or consumer disputes. If the online store has been purchased without a customer account, the purchase history will be retained for three years. In the case of disputes relating to payments and consumer disputes, personal data shall be kept until the claim is fulfilled or until the expiry of the limitation period. Personal data necessary for accounting purposes shall be kept for seven years.
  7. All personal data of the customer that has become known during the visit and purchase will be treated as confidential information.
  8. Encrypted data channel with banks ensures the security of the purchaser's personal data and bank details. All responsibility for their personal data lies with the Bank, which is used by the Customer.
  9. confirms that the personal data entered by the Client is processed only upon purchase of the service (s) in the e-shop and marketing (unless the Client does not wish to receive the monthly newsletter or cancel it later) and for direct marketing (in case the Client does does not want his e-mail or phone number to be used for direct marketing purposes, he must inform undertakes not to disclose the Customer's personal data to third parties, except for the partners of, who provide services or other services related to the order fulfillment of the order. In all other cases, the Contracting Authority may disclose personal data to third parties only pursuant to the procedure provided by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  10. In order for the Customer to be able to make purchases in a fully-fledged e-shop, will enter information - “cookies” into the computer (device) of the Customer. The information entered is used by to identify the visitor as a former e-shop visitor, to store information about the service put in the shopping cart, to collect data about the website's visitation, etc. The subscriber has the opportunity to review the information (“cookies”) entered by and the Customer may delete parts or all “cookies” entered. The subscriber also has the right not to agree that the information ("cookies") is entered and used on his computer (device), but in this case certain e-store functions may not be available to the Customer. By accepting these terms, the subscriber agrees to enter information on his computer (device). This consent may be revoked by the Customer at any time by modifying its browser settings.
11) Disclaimer
  1. Images and videos are illustrative (NB! The information in the service description is always more accurate from the information that the Customer may see in the pictures).
  2. will be released from any liability in cases where the damage is caused by the fact that the Client, ignoring the recommendations of and its obligations, did not familiarize itself with these Terms of Use despite the fact that the respective possibility was given to the Customer.
  3. reserves the right to refuse the sale if any of the following problems have occurred with the Service: a human error in entering the price or a technical error in the system (for example, if the product costing 25 € is suddenly sold for 2 €, this is obviously a mistake. The Customer should understand that this is an error and the Service is not for sale at such a price).
  4. If the e-shop has changed the prices after the order has been submitted and paid by the Customer, undertakes to offer the user the corresponding services at the prices valid at the time of the order. The user of the service is not entitled to claim a price difference compensation.
  5. has the obligation to withdraw from the sales contract with the Contracting Authority if it becomes evident that the Customer was not entitled to a sales transaction. In organizing the Service, has the right to check whether the Customer has the right to conclude a sales transaction. If there is no right, does not provide the service. If has withdrawn from the sale transaction, the amount of the order paid under the sale transaction of shall be returned to the Customer within 14 calendar days as of the withdrawal application.
12) Final provisions
  1. From the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
  2. In these Terms of Use, separate solutions are provided for the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
  3. Disputes of text for failure to reach an agreement between the Contracting Authority and The Consumer Disputes Directorates are listed on the Consumer Protection Board's website ( The service is valued at 30 euros or more. Complaint review Consumer disputes free of charge.